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Get Clear and Free From… Any-Thing

Let Every-Thing Go, Enjoy Thoroughly What Remains and

Live-on in Flow

Let go of habits, hang-ups, false beliefs, assumptions, contradictions, useless control and conflicts in dialogues with people who are okay or intend to be okay. Learn & Share in small groups to heal, raise consciousness, make choices in coherence with Cosmic energies in and around our bodies and live-on in flow.

Many people are born with tremendous artistic talents, intuitive, healing abilities and came to this planet to facilitate healing and raise consciousness. In order to facilitate healing we have to be okay; discover and realise who we really are; align and play with the healing life force of the universe, for if we play with these goodies we prevent them from wasting away, refine our-Self and help our peers. If we learn to direct our point of attention towards healing we can manifest our inherent artistic, healing qualities, abilities and talents in an effortless and effective way for the benefit of all.

Okeko is gathering okay energies to heal and raise consciousness. Healing is a playful awareness process to let our struggles go, to be okay, which means letting go fear, pain and stress by processing emotions, as a way to align mind, heart and gut energies; access higher levels of consciousness to transform our intentions, perceptions, experiences and expressions in coherence with conscious Cosmic, creative love energy which in essence is, to take a shortcut, who we are.

Self-Portraits, Children in Kindergarten Age 4

We are a flow of consciousness and if we raise consciousness together in dialogues, we will fine-tune with infinite consciousness of the universal life force which we can use to make a choice in life to create okay and playful realities to learn, share, learn to share, share to learn, celebrate our presence with people who are okay or intend to be okay and facilitate healing and the rise of consciousness for the benefit of others as well.

In Okeko’s Cosmic Coherent Choice Gatherings we elevate intuition, authenticity, kindness and courage together with others who are ready to learn about and share their inherent uplifting qualities. We need to gather to reconnect, resonate, give undivided attention to healing processes, play and manifest our (spiritual) purpose in life; realise that we are a conscious Cosmic love flow of creative energies capable of transforming our world into our own creation.

If we’re not using and sharing our essential qualities, talents and abilities and don’t see proof that they spread far and wide, they waste away, our attention goes in an irrelevant direction and it’s very likely that we are drawn to others whirling around in immature egotistical energies resulting in fixation, isolation and violence. Many of us are stuck in abusive relationships because we gave up on ourselves and the way out is to realise how the dynamics of flow in life work, so we can let go of the stuff that we don’t need on our continual healing journey. Although we share this reality with so many others, ultimately this process is about Self-healing and maintaining okay selfhood.

If we want to progress not only for our own benefit but with and for other people as well, we need to raise consciousness together and realise that consciousness is a shared reality. A share in the flow of conscious energies on the planet, of the planet itself and Universal consciousness. Profound holistic healing raises consciousness and benefits all. Therefore, we need to become more aware of this share, explore our unique qualities, talents and abilities, learn to manifest good-hearted projects aligned in a Cosmic flow of love and creativity and prepare ourselves to pass on discoveries and truths with proper intentions.

We need to share the latest insights from our ongoing research, our views on health, diet, lifestyle; learn & share about relationship-issues, habits, hang-ups, dependencies on substances and conditions; learn & share how limiting beliefs & assumptions hinders learning from life; what the benefits are when we let go of contradiction, useless control and conflict and learn & share easy, effortless and effective techniques to maintain okay selfhood, processing emotions, fears and so on to be in the flow of life and artfully relate to others.

We long to be in the flow of life, get sound and brilliant information from powerful Universal energies-in-formation and share whatever we’re conscious of. Whether we perceive this information directly or from other people, animals, plants, gemstones or minerals, in order to raise consciousness to realise and nurture our truth, we need to give up all the rubbish that we carry along. Remove the chaff from the wheat, enjoy the nurturing that follows and live-on in flow. Cut the crap, to say it shorter.

Let Go

In ‘Okeko’s Systemic Energetic Bodywork’ we learn that facilitation of healing is easy, effortless nevertheless powerful if we know how to do, without doing (the ‘Wu-Wei-Way’ of Okeko’s Art). Moreover, in Bodywork we learn to let go in connection with others. We partake in profound healing processes by opening up to energetic guidance that is available to each of us so that we mark our inherent flow of Universal consciousness and in ‘Cosmic Coherent Choice’ Gatherings we go one step further by getting clear and free from any-thing.

It is literally about detaching from every-thing in life. For example, the fixed image that we have created of ourselves and others; the repeated way of getting stuck in emotions and fears that results in pain and stress; the total identification with race, gender, age, job, title, status, heritage, cultural background, amount of money in the bank, personality, lifestyle, bodily appearance and condition; the detrimental patterns in our (re)actions which persuades us to go around in circles or going with the flow (like dead fish) instead of realising we are the flow of powerful conscious Cosmic creative love energies.

Basically it is a choice, the inevitable fork in the road, where every one of us goes one way or the other and not making this choice is also a choice. It all has to go; we are not the ‘things’ in life or the ‘things’ that happen in life, we are greater and more (powerful) than the definitions that we were programmed and trained to sense and notice in and around us. A good start to get clear and free from the ‘things’ in life is to question perceptions, intentions, experiences and expressions. Okeko Gatherings are opportunities to learn & share about our quests and essential truths in order to wise-up and be courageous enough to choose for love, creativity, joy- and playfulness on our continual healing journey and raise consciousness together.

Paradoxically, we long to become who we already are. Ready to realise?

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