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Okeko Learn & Share Gatherings to Heal and Raise Consciousness

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Okeko Learn & Share Gatherings to Heal and Raise Consciousness

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Okeko Art

We pay attention to our breathing; open heart and mind for the ‘Wu-Wei-Way’ (doing without doing) of painting stones; we make the unseen visible, allow ourselves to be touched by the deeper messages in paintings, learn to share our discoveries far and wide so that we create and maintain artful realities to promote healing and zest for life and if we are prompted to take our healing journey a step further, facilitate healing as a service to others.

Here at Okeko, we love to remark the connection between Art, Artful Living and Abuse Awareness to realise our inherent spiritual qualities, abilities and talents to create our own reality. By intentionally live-on in the flow of Universal consciousness, a powerful but subtle creative love energy that can easily be perceived and expressed by keeping in touch with our feelings, courage and intuition, we learn to distinguish between perceptions, intentions and expressions from the authentic Self and reminders, representations and reactions from the compromised self. The latter is prone to result in repetitive abusive and violent exchanges with others which hinders our art- joy-and playful live-on in flow.

Moreover, Okeko Art is a creative meditation to become more aware of our connection to Universal healing flows of life. We respond to and play with intuitive impressions that enable us to shift our attention from our analytical, critical and calculating patterns of perception, experience and expression to the more creative, balanced and conceptual.


‘Wu-Wei-Way’ of Painting Stones

Open Heart & Mind, Make the Unseen Visible

Art, Artful Living & Abuse Awareness

Okeko Art

By enhancing awareness about the origins of our abusive and violent (relationship) patterns that hinder the flow of life and learn to express our authentic Self, we can live-on free from fear, pain and stress which reconnects us with our Universal power sources, so that we can be lovingly alert, build okay selfhood in relationship with others and realise joyful living by allowing ourselves to express in an artful way.

If we are playing with Art in Okeko Gatherings as part of the ‘ABC Healing Sequence’ it prepares us to further explore our ‘Wu-Wei-Way’ (doing without doing) in hands-on healing utilised in the bodywork sessions. Furthermore, the creative skills of responding to our intuitive impressions, the empowering skills of becoming more aware of our connection with Universal energy sources and the relating skills to building okay selfhood in relationship with others are all abilities that we can use to heal and facilitate healing in Okeko Systemic Energetic Bodywork as well as in Okeko Gatherings where we make ‘Cosmic Coherent Choices’.

Okeko Bodywork

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