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Cosmic Choice

“It’s on this journey, that at some point, the soul realises something crucial: that the soul in itself, is not an identity, but a stream of consciousness – a stream of experience. It means there’s only one self in the universe – the One; and you are that.“ Guest Writer Waking Times


learn, share, heal

process fears and emotions to be okay

raise consciousness

 create okay and playful realities full of art


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Cosmic Choice

Okeko Learn & Share Gatherings to Heal and Raise Consciousness through Art, Bodywork and Cosmic Choice.

Okeko Learn & Share ABC Gatherings

Glasgow - Dunbartonshire - Argyll & Bute Scotland

In our view, our bodies and the perceived physical realm are on the coagulant (clotting) side of reality, in other words we interpret our bodies and the world around with our senses (see, hear, smell, taste, touch) and denote that as our reality. The more we assume that our bodies and the world around can only be perceived with bodily instruments and that this is the only reality there is, the more static we become. We coagulate like liquid candle wax into a clot, a solidified state of being.

In Okeko Learn & Share ABC Gatherings we allow ourselves to transcend our senses, so that we become aware of and receptive to the flow of life, conscious of a Universal dynamic we know as the ‘Law of Attraction’ that creates worlds out of subtle energies. Together we allow, invite and play with this Universal dynamic in order to gather an exuberant amount of Universal healing energies to create realities to our heart’s desire.

By playing with art, bodywork and our cosmic coherent choice, we let the lovely powerful creative healing forces in and around us to come forward, so we can be in the flow of life and raise consciousness.

By participating in effortless exercises with various unique healing tools, techniques and experiential energy exchanges we learn to create okay, joy- and playful realities, the artist way.

We learn, share, learn to share and share to learn in Cosmic Choice aka 'cut the crap' gatherings in order to let go of habits, hang-ups, limiting beliefs and assumptions, contradiction, useless control and conflict to make new Cosmic coherent choices in life.

In Okeko ABC Gatherings we welcome various groups of people from the age of 5, with as much variety as possible in terms of background, healing experience, levels of consciousness, walks of life, people in need of healing and/or eager to raise consciousness and especially for people who are okay or intend to be okay, to become aware of a profound healing dynamic. We observe the expanding, contracting and neutral flows of energy which brings greater clarity, we raise consciousness together and support each other in letting go of detrimental patterns so that we allow ourselves to open up for the Universal flow in life.

For if we clearly observe what’s going on in and around us, the parts that are not essential or authentic cease to fascinate us. In this shift of attention, we let go of irrelevant stuff that we have taken on board and identify with. This shift grants us access to knowing who we are, which is a higher level of consciousness than the isolated state where we are locked up energetically because of our compressed views. Thus, our focus on hoping to become somebody and believing in an image that we’ve created of ourselves hinders us to flow in life.

One of the main purposes of Okeko Learn & Share ABC Gatherings is to heal our-selves. All healing is ultimately self-healing. Healing is a playful awareness process to let our struggles go, to be okay. In our free pdf booklet ‘Holistic Healing’ you can read all about this process. If we heal our-selves, we also notice how effortless the facilitation of healing is as a service to others. If we know who-we-are and what we want, we freely relate to others because we transcend the normalised isolation of Self and realise that we are in fact a flow of consciousness, also called lovely powerful creative healing forces of Universal Consciousness.

For if we can reflect and see our-selves in others, we perceive and express love, live-on in the flow of Universal consciousness and freely relate to others the artist way. Contrarily, if we feel abused, violated, stressed, stuck, stiff, static, if mind runs in circles on past struggles or worries about the future, it becomes necessary to dig deeper and find the root of emotional blockages that recreate fear, pain and stress, let go and shift to a higher level, reaching beyond what is already known.

At the moment, we offer the following topics in Okeko Gatherings. They can be explored in the ‘Okeko ABC Healing Sequence’, where the ART skills in part A will be utilised and developed in part B of BODYWORK and the skills of part A and B can be further explored in part C of COSMIC COHERENT CHOICE Gatherings to enable a holistic healing process or used separately to improve specific skills in our learning & sharing progress.

Okeko Learn & Share ABC Gatherings can be organised for a (section of the) day, weekend, mid-week, week, month, as a one-off, series of events or scheduled weekly/monthly. The Okeko Organiser invites all Participants to a welcoming place; explains how we address feedback; verifies that we all agree to the Terms & Conditions and makes sure that we sign the Okeko Learn & Share Gathering Consent Form.

One Okeko Gathering is scheduled for two hours, the Okeko Facilitator signals the start and end of the gathering; arrival and departure of participants is restricted in a time-frame to facilitate a group process with the best opportunities for proper connections without the distraction of people coming and going. If there are more Okeko Gatherings planned in a day, there is a break for reflection, rest and refreshment. Participants regroup at a maximum of two times a day.

There’s an opportunity for people in the Glasgow-Dunbartonshire-Argyll & Bute area of Scotland to organise Okeko Gatherings in their own residencies or venues.