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Okeko Learn & Share Gatherings to Heal and Raise Consciousness

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In past gatherings we’ve explored the nature of self and reality: perception of who-we-are; relating to others and environment; thoughts and feelings; fears and emotions; recognition of beliefs, habits and patterns that longer serve us on our continual healing journey; the art of letting go and the flow of life.

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Okeko’s ABC

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My name is Pascalle,

founder of Okeko

I’m honoured with your visit

Okeko Learn & Share ABC Gatherings to Heal and Raise Consciousness through Art, Bodywork and Cosmic Choice.

Helensburgh-Dumbarton-Argyll & Bute-Glasgow-area of Scotland

Read about the foundation and general concept of Okeko Learn & Share Gatherings on our Okeko.org website, including ‘Introduction, About and Q&A’ pages. In these general gatherings, we have dialogues with people who are okay or intend to be okay, explore freely any topic of interest and welcome every opportunity to learn, share, learn to share, share to learn and/or have our presence appreciated. Okeko Learn & Share Gatherings are free-flowing experiential healing journeys, which also means that we don’t need membership, curriculum, fixed guidelines and hierarchic power structures.

Learn & Share ABC Gatherings

Here on Okeko.Co.UK we explore our three favourite topics: Art – Bodywork – Cosmic Choice to initiate a profound healing process in alignment with powerful creative Universal love energies. We progress on our experiential healing journey by using unique healing tools and techniques that allow us to explore in a playful, effortless nevertheless effective way so that we can raise consciousness together, maintain okay selfhood, processing emotions, fears and so on, to be in the flow of life and artfully relate to others.

There’s an opportunity for people in the Helensburgh-Dumbarton-Argyll & Bute-Glasgow area of Scotland to organise Okeko Gatherings in their own residencies or venues.